Scrum or Kanban ?

Organizations face various challenges as they introduce agile techniques, practices, and tools. It's only possible to succeed with the help of people with practical experience.


Scaling Agile

The future requires agile at scale, achieving DevOps, achieving flow, having everybody operating with an agile mindset, and having the leaders understand that this is a new way of working.


How to measure success ?

Why Agile Often Fails: No Agreed Metrics. There are many elements needed to make Agile metrics work correctly, but one of the most important is getting an agreement on the metrics that will measure success.

What we do

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With our experience and innovative approach, we can help you reach the full potential of agility in creating an organization that grows and delivers customer satisfaction. You can learn how to change by building on your capabilities and respecting your path.

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Agile Trainings

Training modules cover Agile frameworks and roles needed in the working process. Deep-dive workshops are designed to help gain a deeper understanding by applying the concepts practically.

Agile Transformation

Whether your goal is to go through an agile transition, support a digital transformation, or increase business agility in your organization, we create the resilience you need for a successful future.

Organizational Change

Your organization needs to respond and adapt quickly to the rapid changes you face. We will help you create an engaged, creative, dedicated workforce.


Asking what tool is necessary to enable DevOps is like asking the Wizard of Oz for a heart. DevOps is not about the tools but about people and processes changing how they think and interact.

Process Optimization

Six Sigma, Lean, and CMMI are approaches to continuous improvement that can be integrated into the company's life for practical and standardized processes.


We're taking the time to understand your business problems and your target audience to learn more about their behaviors and motivations. Then we ensure you get the best Gamified solution that will work for your business.


Our Team

We are a team of practicing Agile coaches and trainers. We offer high-quality trainings, consultations, and practical help for companies of any size. In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.